Public Skate Options

Sponsors are charged for a minimum of 8 skaters with a maximum of 18 skaters allowed for each party.(+seating for 2 non-skating chaperones) Gifts for the birthday person and “Happy Birthday” recognition with the Skatepark chicken for the birthday people are included with each party. Skatepark does NOT accept any debit or credit cards; payment is in cash or by local check.

Package #1 - $9.00 per person

Sponsors may bring in a cake or birthday cookie + plates and napkins only. The fee includes admissions, skate rentals needed, reserved & decorated tables – pitchers of soft drinks, ice cream cups & popcorn for the tables.

Package #2 - $11.50 per person

Includes admission, skate rental, reserved + decorated tables, place settings, cupcakes, ice cream, soft drinks, popcorn and a “goodie bag” for each guest.

 Package #3 - $13.00 per person

Includes admissions, skate rentals, reserved & decorated tables, place settings, cupcakes, ice cream, pitchers of soft drinks, popcorn, *pizza, and a party bag for each skater.

*One pizza is served for every 4-5 guests – additional may be purchased at the regular price

*Private party – 2 hour sessions $250.00 flat fee with an extra hour available for $75.00 or $50.00 for an additional half-hour.

A $100.00 deposit is required when reserving a private party with the balance due the date of the party

Includes a private session for up to *30 skaters (additional skaters are billed at $8.00 each)

Admissions, skate rentals needed, use of to 3 wheeled “skate trainers”, a covered food & card/gift table are included, Soft drinks & a glow stick are provided for each skater along with bowls of popcorn on the guest tables.

With private parties ONLY a birthday cake and any other non-homemade food may be brought in (pizza, sub sandwiches…) Snacks such as chips, dips cookies or candies are allowed. Please consider that gum and hard candies do present a choking hazard to skaters, so please do not offer those items to guests.

All parties are by reservation only by calling (563)285-8415

“Walk-in” -parties cannot be accommodated.

Beverages of any kind may not be brought into the facility. No food may be brought in other than as listed with the packages. Reserved seating during the public skate sessions is provided for 2 non-skating chaperones – the regular skating fee is charged if those chaperones opt to skate. Additional seating is not reserved for other “observing only” people although such adult chaperones and family members are not charged admission fees.

 Final details and number of guests must be confirmed a minimum of two days before the party.

Visit the City of Eldridge website at – slide to community/community center to download skating and birthday flyers. Parties may be booked during any 3 hour public skate session. (Except during special events such as the annual Halloween party) Available dates are on the monthly event flyer.