AREA                                             PUBLIC/TAXABLE    TAX EXEMPT

Meeting room #1- Includes set up for up to 75 people

depending on any meal or cake table needs. 4 hours maximum use-$15.00 an hour minimum fee for each additional hour of use. Kitchen access provided. *Services of liquor bar by special arrangement only.

**additional fee charged



*discounts available during skating sessions

*$30.00 - $50.00

*ask about meeting discounts

Meeting room #2- Includes set up for up to 125 people with tables and chairs; 200 with chairs only...

4 hours maximum use- $15.00 an hour minimum for each additional hour. Includes kitchen access and services of liquor bar with a $50.00 bartender fee.



Skate rink area only-for business meeting -set up for up to 500 people with theater style seating and no table/buffet set up... Maximum

4 hour use- $50.00 an hour for additional use



Skate rink area only set up for up to 225 people- includes food service/service tables set on rink floor. Kitchen access through the concession area only. Maximum use of 6 hours for an event- $75.00 an hour for additional time. Additional time for no fee includes morning decorating and delivery time; The building is opened one hour before an event for service people and late deliveries.A staffed liquor bar fee of $75.00 applies for the liquor bar only.



Rink area + room 2 includes set up for up to 400 people with any service tables requested, kitchen access, a staffed liquor or concession bar.. Time limits and additional fees are as noted above.




Whole hall rental- includes set up for any event with over 400 anticipated guests. Other terms and time limits are as noted above.




The above prices include all set up and tear down of the tables, chairs or other equipment provided by the Community Center. Staff members do all cleaning except that required of a catering crew. Information about specific services, including liquor service, is available upon request. A deposit is required to reserve areas for any event.


Please visit our website at for additional information



  Eldridge Community Center

400 South 16th Avenue

PO Box375

Eldridge, Iowa 52748

Office (563)285-8415                 Fax   (563)285-9482


This is a contract between the Eldridge Community Center and _­­­__________________________________­­­­­­­­­­


for a ________________________ to be held on ______                                ____________


The areas to be used and terms are as follows:


1. ­­­­­­­­­­­________________set up to specification for approximately                  people for the sum of __________.



The fee includes up to six (6) hours of use for the event plus morning or early afternoon decorating time. Additional time for the actual event is billed at $75.00 an hour. The building is opened one hour before the scheduled time of the event for the convenience of service people. There is no billing for this time.


2. A deposit in the amount of $100.00 is required to reserve the date. The final payment of ­_______ is due on or by ______________________. . The deposit amount is not refunded in the event of a cancellation of the event but is refunded after the event if there are no damages or fees due...


3. Security officers are required at all events when alcohol is served and at other large gatherings at the discretion of the Eldridge Police Chief. The rate for each officer is $25.00 an hour, with a three-hour minimum charged. The Community Center manager, through the Eldridge Police Department, makes security arrangements. Questions regarding security arrangements should be directed to the Community Center management or the Eldridge Police Chief.


4. Any licensed food service may cater at the Community Center. An information sheet regarding the Center’s requirements for use of the facilities by caterers is available with the additional information sheets.


5. All personal and rental items must be removed from the facility at the end of the event. Disposal of unwanted items, such as table covers or decorations, is included in the basic rental fee.


6. Fees for most of the services or goods are due at the end of the event; keg beer and wine orders are paid a minimum of two weeks before the event... Advance payment may be made for any fees. Payments must be made in cash or by local personal check. The Community Center does NOT accept any credit card payments at this time.


7. Details for an event should be finalized with the Community Center management a minimum of two weeks prior to the event. These details include seating and service table arrangements, the time for morning decorating and deliveries, the actual time of the event, alcohol or other beverage orders and instructions concerning any other services or goods required for the event.


8. The Center is a smoke free facility. Smoking is not allowed anywhere in the building.


9. The Community Center has an Iowa liquor license. All alcohol purchases must be made through the Center. Alcohol may not be brought into the building from other sources. The legal drinking age in Iowa is 21. The staff asks for identification for anyone appearing age 30 or younger.

I, the undersigned, have read and agree to the contract terms above regarding rental of the Community Center areas as specified.






_______________________________________Manager’s signature



_______________________________________Date & amount of deposit received


City, State, Zip code

_______________________________________Hall rental amount due 60 days prior to event


Telephone number






Staples, nails, tacks or other items that could cause damage to Community Center property may not be used anywhere in the building. Please use tape to secure table skirting or decorations in the facility. Pins with “t-tops” may be used to secure tulle to the carpeted walls. The Center’s management can offer advice on what products work best on the various surfaces.


Helium balloons must be secured. Free-floating balloons are not allowed. Metal weights, covered cans, and blocks of wood make good balloon anchors. No sand, gravel, rocks, birdseed or other granular substances may be used anywhere in the facility for anchors or other purposes. If ordering balloon arrangements, please make the provider aware of this stipulation. Balloon arrangements with granular weights of any type will be removed from the building.

Balloon drops do not work well with the suspended ceilings in the facility.


Decorations may not be hung from any lights or light fixtures or close to the mirror balls/starburst fixtures.


Ladders and step stools are provided for decorating ease. Please do NOT ever stand on tables or chairs in the facility.


Tapered, or other unprotected candles, may not be used. At this time, enclosed candles floating in water are allowed. Candles not protected as noted above will be extinguished and removed from tables. Gel products may not be used in place of water for candles or floral arrangements.


Punch featuring red or purple food colors may not be used. Good substitutes are lemonade or citrus- based punch. Various food dyes cause irreparable damage to the Center’s floors and carpet.


Bubbles may not be used inside the facility. Confetti may not be used on tables or other surfaces.


Please feel free to discuss any decorating plans with the manager. Any restrictions are for safety reasons and damage control. Failure to comply with the above regulations will result in the forfeit of damage deposit paid. Additional fees will be charged if damage occurs or substantial clean up is required after the reception.


I, the undersigned, have read the above regulations pertaining to decorating in the Community Center. I agree to abide by the above.